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Ocun Ozone Plus may be the shoe you’re looking for if you struggle to fit climbing shoes due to wider feet.

Utilising the 3-Force system that prevents the shoe from twisting when stood on edges and a highly asymmetrical last, the Ocun Ozone Plus excels on technical face routes with lots micro-edges, but performs just as well on the overhang.

A downturned profile and medium-stiff midsole allow you to hook onto steeper holds and perform technical maneuvers like toe-hooks, without being too uncomfortable and being supportive enough to be worn on longer climbs.

Ocun's signature seamless heel cups enhance comfort in the heel area without any annoying or painful hotspots for focused climbing performance, and the synthetic microfiber upper won't stretch at all so you have the exact same high-performance throughout the entire lifespan of the shoe.


  • Highly asymmetrical
  • Stable on tiny holds and ledges
  • Patented 3-Force System evenly distributes internal forces
  • More room in the toe box for wider feet
  • New split sole and improved heel design
  • New more attractive colours
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