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OCUN Neon Harness Set

OCUN Neon Harness Set

OCUN Neon Harness Set Includes:

  • 1 x Ocun Green Neon Sports Harness
  • Giga-Bite Chalk Bag
  • Ocun Chalk Dose (125g)

OCUN Neon 3 combines lightness with comfort. It won’t slow you down during the toughest RP climbs and you can spend hours on end comfortably working on difficult moves. Thanks to its unique padding design, the harness never digs into your skin


XS  57-67 cm   44-49 cm  270 g
S  67-77 cm   48-53 cm  290 g 
M  76-86 cm   52-57 cm  305 g
L  83-93 cm    55-60 cm  320 g

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OCUN Neon (Colour-Size)
GIGA-BITE Chalk Bag (Colour)
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