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BUTORA Chalk Bag

BUTORA Chalk Bag

Made from sturdy and durable material and lined with micro fleece, Butora's chalk bags are a bit like a pineapple: hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Ease of use is ensured by an efficient, adjustable lacing mechanism that holds the chalk inside the bag. The top edge is stiffened in a round shape to ensure easy access to the chalk. On the side there is a small loop to hold small climbing brushes. The bag itself is tightened around the waist with an adjustable strap with clip opening / closing mechanism.

Butora's chalk bags do everything a chalk bag should do, and come in several different colors to match your climbing harness.

- Durable exterior and lined with soft micro fleece    
- Adjustable opening / closing mechanism for keeping the chalk in
- Rigid opening of easy access
- loop for chalk brush

Available in several different colours

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