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Perfect Descent

Auto Belay Gate

Auto Belay Gate

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With the auto belay lanyard secured to the top loop, the Auto Belay Gate becomes a physical barrier that covers the starting footholds on a route and reduces the possibility of climbing without first clipping in. Designed with graphic instructions that make it easy to understand in any language, they are an essential risk management tool anywhere auto belays are used. High visibility yellow coloring and clear instructions remind climbers to clip in before climbing. When the gate is laid out on the floor, the reverse side indicates a landing zone for the climber above.


  • Durable 18 oz coated vinyl
  • Reinforced top clip-in loop
  • Adjustable bottom webbing tabs for variable anchor points
  • Bottom straps can be attached via bolted holds, screw in holds, or bolt hangers
  • High visibility yellow and black design
  • Icons and language designed in line with ISO and ANSI safety signage standards

IMPORTANT:ย When not in use, the lanyard of a Perfect Descent Auto Belay should be retracted completely intoย the housing. This will prolong the life of the retraction spring. A tag line can be connected to the carabiner for retrieving and returning the lanyard when not in use.

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