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OCUN Ozone QC (2019)

OCUN Ozone QC (2019)

OCUN Ozone QC is a high performance climbing shoe designed to excel for sports climbing and bouldering, giving precision and grip on the tiniest footholds, edges and in-pockets.

With an extremely asymmetrical anatomical shape, it has a microfibre upper that yields little, but which will adapt and fit perfectly on your foot, especially if with a narrow sole and with the shape of the Egyptian toes. We feel it can be used well as a performance allrounder.

The 3 Force Patented System paired with Vibrams highly adhesive XS Grip Sole provides the ultimate vertical excellence and precision holding rock shoe around.

The Ozone QC is designed for climbers with narrow to normal-sized feet. For climbers with wider feet, check out the Ozone Plus!


  • Highly asymmetrical
  • Stable on tiny holds and ledges
  • Patented 3-Force System evenly distributes internal forces
  • New split sole and improved heel design
  • New more attractive colours
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