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BUTORA Sensa Pro

BUTORA Sensa Pro

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This Model is ideal for sport climbing, bouldering and indoor climbing. Unlike many other climbing shoes, this one's upper is made of micro fibre, which makes it breathable, thus your foot will not sweat as much and it makes the shoe more comfy. 

NFS toe cap Technology - Neo Fuse rubber from Butora is used to reinforce the toe area. To increase shelf life and avoid the toes from being pushed too far forward, a toe cap midsole has been added. One advantage of choosing slip-on models is that the toe cap midsole ends at the toe, ensuring high mobility in the remainder of the shoe.

Butora NEO Fuse rubber is also used on the heel. The heel is designed to be rounded and symmetrical. This calls for a firm grip during moves like the heelhook, in which the heel must hang irrespective of the direction of pulling.

Toe Hooking Strips - Since the toe hook is not frequently used, but when it is, it should have the best possible friction, Butora also provides softer NEO Fuse rubber for this component. Additionally, it offers flexibility and improves foot support.

Butora's recommendations for choosing the size:

  1. Sport climbing - match the size of your everyday shoes
  2. Bouldering - half size down compared to your everyday shoes
  3. Novice climbers - size up by 1.5 than usual
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