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ATOMIK 234 Pinch Bombs

ATOMIK 234 Pinch Bombs

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The 234 Pinch Bomb is a multi-width pinch training device. Using them symmetrically, they offer 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch wide pinches. The volume center of this device (volume centroid) determined the location of the eye bolt which creates a wide rounded off top and a narrow rounded off top as jugs.

  • Sloper training on the top, 3 different pinches on the bottom.
  • Forces you to bring your A Game to every workout.
  • Switch from pull-up, to chin-up, to biceps-pull without regrouping.
  • Comes in red. Blue carabiner is for size reference and not included.
  • Hang Bombs from embedded stainless steel eye bolts.
  • Set of 2 
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