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TENAYA Mundaka

TENAYA Mundaka

Tenaya Mundaka climbing shoe is the perfect combination of form and flexibility enabling ultimate precision. The Mundaka has a snug, glove-like fit that offers optimal response in all climbing circumstances.

The Mundaka is the widest-fitting climbing shoe in Tenaya's toe-down lineup, is aggressive yet balanced. It excels on overhanging routes and boulder issues while losing none of its effectiveness on lower-angle smearing.


  • The Mundaka was created for maximum performance, allowing you to climb more effectively. It is the ideal blend of sensitivity and precision.
  • Two-part sole increases capacity to adapt to the form of the rock.
  • Precision fit and design holds the arch and heel of the foot snugly and securely.
  • Wrap-around flap in the patented Draxtor closing mechanism provides even greater control, especially on challenging heel-hooks.
  • Highest level of accuracy without compromising comfort.
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