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OCUN SBEA Adjust Twin

OCUN SBEA Adjust Twin

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Self Belay Energy Absorption (SBEA) Adjustable Lanyard

The safest sling for self-belaying in the anchor. It is also very user friendly. Its brake is designed to enable easy length adjustment. Depending on what you need, your sling can be 20 to 100 centimeters long. The TWIN option has an additional short arm for comfortable rappelling. It is also equipped with the rubber biner fix which ensures firm position of the carabiner

  • The safest sling/lanyard for self belay situation
  • Shorter arm for more comfortable rappelling
  • Made from durable dynamic rope
  • Fall impact factor 2 absorption
  • Rubber biner fix for proper carabiner fixation
  • Integrated brake for optimal length adjustment
  • CE EN 17520
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