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OCUN Neon 3 Lady

OCUN Neon 3 Lady

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Neon Lady is designed to respect the specifics of female anatomy. It is very light and yet provides sufficient comfort even for longer climbing or training. It has self-locking buckles at the waist and legs to adapt to your current needs. Thanks to the unique design of the padding that extends beyond the carrying straps, you will never be painfully cut into your skin. Neon Lady has three self-locking buckles. D construction of leg loops does not restrict movement. Its design ensures an even weight distribution in the fall and respects the female anatomy.


  • Padded belt and leg loops with breathable sandwich design
  • High-quality, abrasion-resistant microfiber
  • Integrated wear indicator at tie-in points
  • 1 self-locking stainless steel buckle at the waist
  • 2 self-locking stainless steel buckles on leg loops
  • 4 reinforced gear loops
  • Neon colors
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