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OCUN Condor HMS Triple Locking Carabiner

OCUN Condor HMS Triple Locking Carabiner

Condor is a big HMS carabiner that responds to the new trend of safety. The carabiner is equipped with an independent internal wire gate which prevents the carabiner from rotating and guards against unwanted release from a belay loop. The internal gate locks in the right direction and therefore it prevents upward release. This means that the belayer can focus his full attention on the climber to watch his moves. Condor brings a new level of safety into belaying.

The ergonomic body of new generation is forged for a comfortable and secure grip. "Rope Friendly" shape of the carabiner top is tuned for operating the rope reliably in order to avoid its excessive wear.
Condor HMS Triple is equipped with a triple lock with a keylock nose. 

  • Internal wire gate prevents the carabiner from rotating in belay loop
  • Triple lock gate with a keylock nose
  • "Rope friendly" shape to avoid excessive wear of rope
  • Ergonomic body


Weight 88g
Size 122 x 74mm
Strength 25kN
Minor axis strength
Open gate strength
Gate Opening

UIAA 121 


EN 362

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