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CA Kinesiology Tape

CA Kinesiology Tape

Specification Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, Adhesive
Width 5cm
Length Approx 5m


Kinesiology and the taping process was invented and developed back in the 70s. It is a treatment for muscles and several body systems to change muscle tone, move lymphatic fluids, correct movement patterns and improve posture.

The tape is used by therapists, trainers, chiropractors, physicians and nurses all around the world. Athletes swear by this method and frequently use Kinesiology Tape to improve their performances, regenerate faster and heal faster after injuries.

On skin, the tape pulls the upper layer of skin. This creates more space between the dermis and the muscles. This space is used to relieve pressure on the lymph channels and nerves that send certain information to the brain. These information sent to the brain cause signals sent back to the body on how to react to particular stimuli. Taping your areas of pain alters the information that these receptors send, which results in less reactive responses in the body. That way the body works in a more normal manner and can remove the roadblocks that normally slow down the healing process.

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