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The top model for Butora, Narsha, symbolizes the cutting edge of innovation in climbing gear. The Butora concept of consistently balancing comfort and performance is elevated to a whole new level by Narsha.

The climbing shoe has a brand-new, distinctive heel and edge system that can be simultaneously stretched within all four directions. The use of heel hook will never be the same. Say farewell to heel slipping with Narsha! The foot arch is formed into the soles of the injection molded shoes. This beautifully designed toe box is specifically made for toe-hooking. Furthermore, to increase friction, the rubber is sprayed on the ankle's top portion. It also has an inner strap built into the ankle of the sneaker which can be adjusted for comfort throughout the day or to achieve maximum performance.

If you climb hard and stand on micro footholds, the Narsha will be your new go-to shoe.


The Narsha Orange Model best fits Wide feet; Narsha Blue Model is available for those with Narrow feet. If you are familiar with other Buroto shoes, add 1/2 size for a similar fit as Narsha Model runs small. (If you wear a 10 Acro, you will mostly likely fit comfortably with a 10.5 Narsha). However, against street shoe size, order 1 full size to 1.5 full sizes larger. 

Key Features:

  • ​Stiffer ​NEO ​Fuse Sticky Rubber 
  • Nylon 66 stitches in the seams
  • High quality leather from Germany
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