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Acro is a downtow model designed for high-latitude sport climbing and bouldering.

This is the narrow option for our Acro Model shoe originally introduced last year. If you have a wide foot, we have designed the white/orange model for you, but if you have a narrow foot or are lookng for that super tight feel, then this is the option for you.

Sizing Advice (please consider before purchasing):

This shoe fits true to your street shoe for steep sport climbing. Our current recommendation is to size a 1/2 size down from your street shoe for bouldering.

How to manage rock painting

  - After shampooing, ventilate in a shady place and dry.

  - If you keep a rock for a long time, keep newspapers, paper, etc. inside the shoe to keep the shape of the shoe It is easy.

     Failure to do so may cause the window to harden and the adhesive area to fall.

  - If the surface of the rock painting window is scratched or the surface is worn out due to overuse, friction may be reduced.

     It is advisable to get slinging service before the rubber window and land are completely damaged.

  - In Butora, we use the same rubber as our products to carry out repair service directly at our factory

Notes on Handling of Rock Climbing

  - If you do not tighten the straps or Velcro correctly, the shoes may peel off during climbing.

  - Please be careful when choosing the size because there is a risk of injury if you wear a rock wall too small than your own foot.

  - There is a risk of injury if there is a long claw or a wound around the foot when wearing a rock wall.

  - Please note that if the bottom of the rock wall is covered with foreign matter such as sand or soil, it will be slippery.

  - Wearing the window at too high or too low a temperature can cause the window to fall off.