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FIXE 10mm Rocco 60M

FIXE 10mm Rocco 60M

The Rocco dynamic rope is an excellent choice for indoor climbing. With its 10-mm diameter, it provides high resistance and durability, making it perfect for long days of climbing on a climbing wall. Whether for lead climbing or top roping, the Rocco is easy to handle for both belayers and climbers. It offers a complete performance throughout its lifespan, thanks to its Endurance braid and Fusion construction. The Rocco is designed for climbers of all levels and is particularly suitable for those seeking a rope with a high diameter for sport climbing and a low impact force. Its name is inspired by being the thickest rope in Fixe s collection of dynamic ropes.


  • Diameter: 10 mm
  • Standardisation: simple
  • Nature treatment: It does not have a water-repellent treatment. Flexible and easy to handle. 100% PFC-free
  • Endurance construction: Favours sliding and extends the rope s lifespan. Braided with 48 threads
  • Fusion: Prevents sheath slippage. The firm union of the sheath and the core extends the rope s performance


  • Middle Mark: Indicates the halfway point on the rope with a black mark
  • 8 Mark: Marking system that uses a red mark to indicate that there are 8 meters left to reach the end of the rope
  • Reflector: Reflective indicator at both ends of the rope
  • Ultrasonic cut: Stiffens the rope ends and protects them from wear
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