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GIGA-BITE Triple Lock Carabiner w/Captive Pin

GIGA-BITE Triple Lock Carabiner w/Captive Pin

These carabiners are made of stainless steel which make them more resistant to corrosion, stains and rust. This makes the carabiners last longer especially since they are used intensely in gyms with weights. 
These oval-shape carabiners also possess a smooth, uniform top and bottom curves to limit load shifting. They offer more gear-holding capacity than D-shape carabiners and their symmetry permits them to be used for carabiner-brake rappels.



Type Oval
Material Stainless Steel
Major Axis 22 kN
Minor Axis 8 kN
Open Gate 8 kN
Gate Clearance 22 mm
Length 112 mm
Weight 360g
Certification EN362


Note: Captive Pin is not load bearing. It is intended to keep a lanyard at the pivot end of the

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