OCUN Newton Harness  (2018)

OCUN Newton Harness (2018)

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Newton is a light and comfortable all-round harness applying simple and well-tried design, suitable especially for beginners. Color-coded belay/tie-in loop eliminates the risk of wrong tie-in. The movable waist belt enables ideal centering of the padding as well as flexible sizing - the waist belt goes through a drawstring-like channel in the padding so the padding can be adjusted precisely to face the belay loop. Gear loopes are also placed symetrically. 

Newton is suitable for beginners as wel as for high altitude hiking, glacier climbing, vie ferratas on every level of experience. 


  •     Movable waist padding system
  •     Adjustable leg loops
  •     3 slide-lock stainless steel buckles of stainless (3× 30 mm)
  •     2 gear loops


Size / Waist (cm) / Legs (cm):

  • Universal / 65–115 / 50–70