OCUN Cora Climbing Shoe - Women

OCUN Cora Climbing Shoe - Women

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A versatile climbing shoe for the indoor or rock climbing - the Ocun Cora! These climbing shoes boast a narrower construction tailored to the shape of womens feet.

They have a slight down-turned and asymmetrical toe box that is perfect for intermediate climbing routes. Plus, they are comfortable enough to wear over longer periods. Whats more, the sole is semi-rigid, which will allow for precise foot placements.

The Grippin Sticky rubber outsole will provide excellent grip on the wall. The soft, breathable mesh tongue makes the shoe comfortable and will provide an overall better environment for your feet.

Thanks to the microfiber upper, the shoe should retain its shape over its entire lifespan. Lastly, there are two hook and loop fasteners which can be used to get a precise fit. Regardless of whether youre into bouldering, rock or indoor climbing, the Ocun Cora will help you get to the top!