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EB Django Fuschia (W)

EB Django Fuschia (W)

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Django Woman is a high range climbing shoe designed specifically for girls. Precision and comfort features are the exact same as the male version. It has a slight different characteristics, finer size and grey-pink colour to make it a ‘girly’ climbing shoes.

This women’s climbing shoe is made with a breathable microfibre and very adherent Daytona soles, positioning the Django Women as a technical and comfortable climbing shoe. Adapted to the finer feet of women, this model will also be suitable for men wearing small.

Django was developed for individuals seeking success both in the gym and on cliffs. The revolutionary last, the creation which took six years, is used in the shoe. The goal was to create durable, high-tech products that are pleasant to use.

The structure focuses power on the big toe and makes it easy to fill any small footholds. The triple velcro provides much greater tightening precision. Only the finest materials were chosen in terms of materials. This model leaves no area left open because the High Tech microfibre conforms to the shape of the foot. The frictional characteristics of daytona rubber used are simply astounding.

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