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BLUEWATER Lightning Pro Double Dry (70m) 9.9

BLUEWATER Lightning Pro Double Dry (70m) 9.9

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This rope is ideal for sport or extreme alpine climbing. Compare the specs of the Lightning Pro to any similar diameter from others and you’ll see the Lightning Pro outshines the rest. Lighter, lower impact force, and super high fall rating for a rope in the sub 10mm category. The Lightning Pro is easy handling and easy to clip. The low bulk, light weight and performance characteristics have made this rope the choice for many high-end endeavors, from sport to wall-in-a-day to alpine routes.

The BlueWater Lightning Pro specs highlight the loving care and manufacturing expertise we put in all our ropes. 

Diameter:    9.7mm
Grams Per Meter:    61
Impact Force:    7.9 kN
UIAA Falls Held:    8
Static Elongation:    8.5%
Dynamic Elongation:    34.9%
Sheath Slippage:    1mm
Sheath Mass:    36%


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