New beginnings for "Old" Climb Asia Members

Happy Month of May!

We trust that you've made the switch to Ground Up's (GU) membership card by now, and won't "kenna" the initiation fee on your next visit to GU.

The great news is that the GU card allows you to enjoy just about the same benefits as before, but with more benefits! So, congratulations on your new GU card! Click here to learn more about the perks YOU'LL enjoy. 

If you're still hanging on to your CA membership card, and don't wish to exchange it for GU's, you can still enjoy your membership discount when you make any purchases at our Pro-Shop online.

However, if you've still got credits and you've missed the one-year deadline, a new initiation fee at GU now applies. 

To continue using any remaining credits in your account or to apply for membership with GU, please proceed to the check in the their climbing centre to make a one-time payment of $60.00. NOTE: You do not need to be a GU member to purchase a single entry-pass, or to purchase multi-passes at GU. 

If you have been posted overseas for work or studies, or have a medical condition that prevented you or a proxy from making the exchange, you may lodge an appeal here. Please note that you're required to submit proof of the above mentioned reasons. 

Have a great week ahead!

Climb Asia.